Revtech - Pure Advanced Lubricant SAE 25W60

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Style: SAE 25W60 Advanced Motorcycle Lubricant

Capacity: 1 Quart

Recommended for use in all Harley-Davidson Evolution engines, climatic temperature range between 50° and 110° Fahrenheit. Also recommended in pre-Evolution Harley-Davidson engines, climatic temperature range between 30° and 100° Fahrenheit.

RevTech Oil was formulated expressly for use in Harley-Davidson V-Twin engines. Five weights are available, permitting selections to match your particular engine type and temperature conditions.

RevTech Pure is the most advanced motor lubricant available for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It is formulated using the revolutionary Hydro-cracking refining process which creates greater hydrocarbon consistency and further removes contaminants. The resulting base oil is so pure, it is clear. This ultra-pure base oil provides synthetic-like performance from a petroleum oil. Hydro-cracked oils extend engine life by generating 90% less corrosive acids than conventional motor oils. They also maintain lubrication integrity by reducing sludge formation by more than 50%, and resisting oxidation (thermal degradation) up to three times longer. Using this base oil and our proven RevTech additive package, our engineers have formulated RevTech Pure to withstand the unique demands of air cooled V-Twin engines, whether new or old.

Remark: RevTech Oil meets all warranty performance criteria for Harley-Davidson engines and its use does not void new vehicle warranties.

There are their Pure Advanced motorcycle Lubricant as below:

Item No




SAE 20W50 (Sold in cases of 12)

USD 89.99


SAE 25W60 (Sold in cases of 12)

USD 89.99


SAE 50 (Sold in cases of 12)

USD 89.99


SAE 60 (Sold in cases of 12)

USD 89.99


SAE 20W50 (1 gallon container) case of 6

USD 159.99


SAE 20W50 (55 gallon / 208 L drum)

USD 1265.99